Business Philosophy

Burger Inn's mission statement is reflected in our motto: "Unlike the Others"

To elaborate on that, we try to serve nothing but the finest quality food (i.e. NOT fast food quality) at extremely competitive fast food pricing.


Unlike the Others means:

  • We always prepare our food right from scratch.
  • We never precook or half-cook our burgers, contrary to the very common practices of all major competitors, which either totally precook their food or at least precook their patties.
  • We buy the best quality meats for all our  patties.
  • We charbroil all our burgers and sandwiches.
  • We developed our own superior, high temperature cooking methods, to eliminate any bacterial food poisoning.
  • We prepare and cook our food exactly to the specifications our customers desire, one at a time.
  • We cut home fries daily out of fresh potatoes and deep fry them in cholesterol free oil.
  • A genuine variety of burgers to suit all tastes, not the fancy or sometimes ridiculous names our competitors use to differentiate their insipid burgers.
  • An accommodating menu that fits varied lifestyles, with choices ranging from delicious meatless burgers and pure chicken breast sandwiches and pure beef jumbo dogs to a range of exotic tastes like Buffalo and Ostrich burgers which are intrinsically very low in fat and cholesterol (Health Food or what?).
  • We use the best shake-mix made of real cream (not ice-milk) and real fruit syrups for our milkshakes.
  • Phone order service which can be even faster than the fastest drive-through, and still made from scratch.
  • Not being in the drive-through business, mall-style food kiosks, convenience stores or gas station  co-branding business.
  • BEST QUALITY AND BEST PRICES - For example, a loaded 1/4 pounder for $2.39 makes our burger the most economical while being the best quality on the market (whether fast food or full service restaurant). Combine that with fries and a canned pop for an unheard of $4.47, and we are literally blowing the competition out of the water!
  • We serve a large variety of canned pops and juices.
  • We treat our regular customers to free food after a few visits through our ever popular frequent customer cards (Regular, Gold and Platinum)
  • We pass on big savings (given our high quality) to our customers,  rather than spending money on costly advertising and brain-washing.




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